About - Chad Kaminsky

Hey! I’m Chad. I’m a photographer, designer, and artist based on Long Island, New York. My work is driven by my love of the great outdoors, and an even greater love for the ocean. Working mostly by the water, I interact with the landscape by taking what I call my “low-pro shot” along the waters edge. My work also shows wide, pulled back landscapes with a great sense of the natural world around us. My work exhibits dramatic composition, vibrant colors, and extreme contrast.

I grew up on Long Island, New York, where I studied fine art before moving to Chicago to study at The School Of The Art Institute Of Chicago (known as SAIC to the art community). Upon graduating, I moved back to New York and joined the workforce. With a need to create art outside of my day job, I picked up a used camera. Starting with street and architecture photography, it wasn’t long before I switched gears. The moment I got my hands on a 24mm prime lens, landscapes became my passion!

For a breakdown of the gear i use click on the link below.

The Gear

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